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burn off oven for powder coating removal

Burn Off Ovens efficiently strip off powder coating, paint, epoxy, grease, oil, rubber, varnish and other organic contaminants from metal parts or equipment, such as metal jigs, painted hooks or hangers, grids, coated chain links, motor stators and heat exchangers.
Easily remove the old paint for recoating.
No damage for metal parts by thermal cleaning.
Cost-effective and enviromental friendly.


What are burn off ovens?

Burn off ovens, also called heat cleaning ovens are widely used in the coatings, fibers, electric motors and plastics industry. The burn off ovens has two relatively independent heating systems as well as temperature and smog control system. In the first heating system, the fixtures are heated to a set temperature from 250 to 420 celcuis degree without direct flame impingment. In this process, the organic coatings on the surface of fixtures are gradually decomposed into smoke and ash. The smoke generated by the first chamber into the second combustion chamber is fully burned at 600-800 celcuis degree, coverting into water vapor and air, which are discharged into the atmosphere by the exhaust stack.

Structures of Burn Off Ovens


Primary Burner heats the working chamber to 427°C. Volatile materials are driven off as smoke into the second combustion chamber. The burner flame is confined to the combustion chamber never touching the parts.

Afterburner operating at 760°C for burning the smoke consuming the pollutants, leaving only invisible, odorless and harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide to exit the exhaust stack.

Explosion Relief Door automatically opens to relieve excess pressure then closes preventing air from reaching combustible materials.

One Touch Control System monitors the combustible vapor in the oven and controls it at a safe level. When starts the oven, the system controls the cycle time automatically according to the volume of organic materials.

Technical Parameter 

Power Supply220V 50Hz/60Hz
Heating Media
Natural Gas,LNG,LPG,Diesel oil
Working Temperature0~450 celcuis (adjustable)
Fuel Consumption10~12m3/hr for NG
Cycle Time2 hours
Control Mode
PLC automatic control system
Processing Capacity18-30kg/hr (referring to weight of coating)
Cart Typeflat or hanger
Emission StandardGB16271-2014

Recommended Applications

Applicable Industry
Type of Removal of Coatings/Parts
Motor repair shopmotors, stators
Marine NLmotors
Paint strippinghooks, jigs, grids, racks
Cleaning industryhot runners, heat exchangers
Paint strippingcast iron parts, car frames, tubes, pipes
Plastic removalinjection molding parts, screws
Paint industrypaint
Producer of motorsmotors
Recycling of motorsmotors
Recycling of reject parts

defective paint

Recycling companyscrap iron
Producer of office furniturepaint
Producer of tyre rimspaint
Steel industrymotors
Coating industryteflon
Cleaning industrypaint stripping
Motor rewinding companymotors
Plastic painted parts for automotiveMS jigs

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Parts before and after processing by burn off oven & burn off oven on site

The coating on the surface of metal parts turns into ash after processed by high temperature in one cycle. Some ash falls on the bottom of the furnace.The remaining ash on the surface of metal parts can be cleaned by tapping lightly or with a water gun.

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