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Burn Off Oven For Plastic & Fiber

burn off oven for plastic and fiber 

Burn off ovens can safely remove polymer buildup on expensive molds, molds, extrusion screws, circuit breaker boards, and other metal parts used in plastic, fiber, and chemical processing operations. Disposable ovens eliminate the use of abrasives, solvents and chemicals and their risks to health and the environment. The following is a common application scenario of our industrial burn off ovens.

  • Synthetic fiber and nonwovens industries                                                               

  • Blown and cast film production

  • Polymer production

  • Masterbatch production

  • Extrusion

  • Injection Moulding

  • Packaging industry 

Why use a burn off oven to remove plastic, fiber, and chemical coatings?

Today's plastics, fibers, and chemical manufacturing environment must maintain stringent quality standards to remain competitive in the marketplace. This requires tools, parts and equipment to operate at maximum efficiency, thus keeping the production line in pristine condition. Changes in process material or color, polymer accumulation or simple routine maintenance require equipment to be thoroughly cleaned before returning to production.


Repeated manual cleaning with abrasives and chemicals can cause physical damage in time, not to mention harm to employees. Chemicals and abrasives can also have serious consequences for health and the environment.

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