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Burn Off Oven For Rubber Removal

burn off oven For Rubber Removal

The polymerization of rubber has greatly expanded its usefulness and presence in today's world. From the car tires, soles, rubber, latex gloves and a garden hose obvious such as consumer goods, for commercial and military aircraft, ships, oil and natural gas production and transmission, electronics, pumps, valves, refrigeration, engine, pipelines, conveyor belt and packing and so on hundreds of industrial application of liner, sealants, insulation and protection coating services behind the scenes.

To extend life, recycle and recycle the metal parts of these products, not to mention the molds and tools to make them, the rubber polymers must be removed.

Why use a burned out oven to remove rubber?

Burn off oven (also called cleaning furnace) was designed by polymer chemists specifically to remove rubber and other polymers. Almost pollution-free, process eliminates the use of chemical removers and other toxic materials. Industrial burn off oven evenly distribute the temperature of the cleaning chamber, causing the rubber polymers to "burn off" because the smoke leaves only fine ash to settle on the oven floor.

thermal cleaning of rubber wheel-before.png