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Burn Off Oven For Automotive Rebuilder

burn off oven For Automotive Rebuilder

Existing problems:

Grease, oil, gaskets, and dirt must be thoroughly removed before rebuilding the replacement parts of an automotive engine. In the past, the process was slow and labor-intensive, involving solvents, abrasives and chemicals. Today, market demands, safety concerns, and environmental laws have made these old methods unsuitable for high-volume rebuilder, even local garages that rebuild one engine a week.

The solution:

Burn off oven(also called thermal cleaning furnace) will not only allow automotive engine and parts rebuilders to comply with new safety and environmental standards, they will also help them dramatically increase production capacity. A burnt stove can do in one night what two men can do in a month.

The pyrolysis process easily removes oils, oils, gaskets, varnishes, epoxies, paints and other organic materials with little or no environmental impact. No flame or fire is in contact with the parts. "Pyrolysis" is the thermal decomposition of organic matter through the action of thermal pollutants, which are vaporized leaving only a small amount of ash that can be washed away with water.

Automatic control and backup sprinkler systems maintain a safe and stable cleaning temperature of 700-800°F to protect metal components from damage.

The smoke and gases produced during pyrolysis are consumed by the 1400° afterburner, leaving only small amounts of harmless, odorless water vapor and carbon dioxide to enter the atmosphere through the chimney.

Parts come out clean and ready to be machined with minimal preparation.

The cost savings usually pay off the heating furnace in a short period of time and continue to pay dividends year after year.

Controlled pyrolysis combustion furnaces eliminate open burning, acids, release agents and solvents, as well as hazardous handling and handling of discarded release materials.

Controlled pyrolysis cleaning furnaces have been adopted by thousands of automotive and reconstruction operations worldwide.

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