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About us


Ecoco Technology Co., Ltd is a professional designer and supplier of burn off ovens and cleaning furnaces (vacuum cleaning furnace) with the advantage of price, delivery time and stable quality. According to various stripping and cleaning requirements of metal parts, we will provide the best solution to design the suitable furnace type and chamber size.

The designed burn off oven, also called stripping paint oven or heat cleaning oven, uses the burner to produce the heat to decompose organic material into vapors and pyrolysis gases. These gases and smoke are then drawn through an afterburner into the second combustion chamber where harmful emissions and contaminates are burned and completely eliminated before being discharged out the exhaust stack. 

The designed vacuum cleaning furnace, also called pyrolysis oven, is used for removing various polymers, like PP, PE, PET, PC, PB, ABS, PVC, PMMA... etc, from metal parts, like Spinnerets, Spin Packs, Filter Candles, Filters, Melt Pumps, Melt Pipes, Film Blowing Dies, Die Heads, Extruder Screws, Nozzles, etc