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Vacuum Electric Pyrolysis Furnace: An Efficient Solution for Polymer Filter Reuse

Vacuum Electric Pyrolysis Furnace: An Efficient Solution for Polymer Filter Reuse

The Vacuum Electric Pyrolysis Cleaning Furnace is a cutting-edge environmental protection equipment designed to clean polymer materials filters and strainers. With its advanced technology, it enables the reuse of these filters after thorough calcination, resulting in significant cost savings for production processes.

This innovative furnace takes advantage of the unique characteristics of polymers. By subjecting the filters to a specific temperature range, the polymer is melted and subsequently decomposed under controlled high temperatures of approximately 300℃, while isolated from air. As the temperature reaches above 400℃, aided by a minimal amount of oxygen and a certain vacuum degree, complete oxidation occurs.

The cleaning process begins by heating the filters until the polymer on the surface melts, allowing it to flow down into the waste collecting tank. At this stage, only a small amount of high polymer and ash content remains on the filter surface. As the furnace temperature reaches the cracking temperature (which can be adjusted according to technological requirements), the vacuum pump is activated, introducing a small amount of air to the remaining high polymers. This triggers their complete oxidation, resulting in the formation of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

To efficiently remove the generated carbon dioxide and water vapor, the furnace utilizes a suction system powered by a water-ring vacuum pump. The carbon dioxide and water vapor are thoroughly washed by a spray washer before being discharged from the furnace. Throughout the entire process, there are no exhaust gases, smog, or ash emissions. Only a minimal amount of carbon dioxide is produced, and no additional burning is required for exhaust treatment. Furthermore, the water used in the process carries away only a small amount of ash.

Our Vacuum Electric Pyrolysis Cleaning Furnace features stainless steel electric heating tubes for direct heating, eliminating the need for water protection. This design ensures high thermal efficiency, small heating power requirements, rapid temperature rise, excellent temperature uniformity, and convenient maintenance of the heaters. As a result, significant power and water savings are achieved.

Discover the Vacuum Electric Pyrolysis Cleaning Furnace, an environmentally friendly solution that maximizes the reuse of polymer filters and strainers while significantly reducing production costs. Experience its exceptional efficiency, reliable performance, and impressive cost-effectiveness. Contact us now to learn more about this state-of-the-art equipment.



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