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The effective way to strip paint from metal jigs and hooks

During the painting operations on powder coating line, the paint powder coating of the metal parts including steel jigs, hangers, racks, hooks need to be stripped many times.

The stripping methods include fire burning, manual beating, sulfuric acid soaking, and shot blasting. We have to consider the most effective way during the above stripping methods.1)whether the stripping processing is clean and efficient enough.2) whether the stripping method is friendly to the environment or healthy to the workers.3)whether the stripping method will hurt the metal parts, such as steel jigs, hooks...etc. 

To be honest, if the paint powder coating is not thick and there are not many hangers and hooks, just tap them by yourself. If the hanger and hooks size is small and the shape is regular, then shot blasting is also possible, but this stripping way is not 100% guarantee that it will not hurt the hanger, and its efficiency is not very powerful. If the requirements are not high, it can barely be used. However, if the paint powder coating is thick and a large number of hangers and jigs with various sizes and irregular shape, the frequency of recycling is high. Then the most reliable stripping method is stripping paint furnace (also called burn off oven). 

The stripping paint furnace has two relatively independent heating systems as well as temperature and smog control system. In the first heating system, the furnace chamber is heated to a certain temperature range, and the control system automatically controls the atmosphere in the furnace to gradually decompose the coating (organic matter) on the metal parts into gas. The control system always guarantees the decomposition speed, the decomposition product (gas) concentration and is strictly controlled within a certain range. When the organic waste gas generated by the decomposition product is converted into CO2 and water vapor discharging from the chimney through the full combustion of second combustion chamber at 700-900 degree, the remaining part of the furnace is metal parts and a small amount of inorganic substances which have become powdery. Most of them have fallen into the bottom of the furnace from the metal parts during the process, and only a small amount of the remaining can be shaken off or scrubbed with water. The burn off oven is mainly used for the decomposition and peeling of the cured organic coating and peeling of most steel (or iron casting) reprocessing hangers and hooks surface coatings.







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