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Do you know five features of burn off oven?

Thermal cleaning furnace (also known as burn off oven, burning furnace, heat cleaning oven, carbonization furnace, paint stripping furnace, etc.), in principle, the organic matter on the surface is kept in a high temperature (generally no more than 450 ℃) and anoxic environment without damaging the metal components. Cracking, the waste gas generated by cracking is completely oxidized and incinerated in a high temperature environment above 900 °C, so as to achieve no pollution emissions.

Thermal cleaning furnaces or burn off ovens efficiently and safely wash away chemicals adhering to metal parts such as coating nozzles. Using high molecular polymer to isolate air above 300 degrees, it can be cracked and decomposed, and if it is above 400 degrees, it can be completely oxidized with a small amount of air. First, heat the workpiece with polymer dirt to 400 degrees (according to process requirements) , so that a large number of high molecular polymers on the workpiece are melted and flowed into the collection container at the lower part of the furnace, and then the furnace temperature is raised to 400 degrees, and a small amount of fresh air is introduced to fully oxidize the remaining polymer. Carbon dioxide, after being sprayed with water, is pumped through the water ring and discharged out of the furnace together with the water.

What are the five features of the hot cleaning furnace or burn off oven:

1. Low consumption and high efficiency: The heating adopts a unique thermal energy convection method, and the exhaust gas treatment adopts the "oxygen supplement and spontaneous combustion technology", combined with the PLC microcomputer fully integrated control system, making full use of the large amount of heat generated by the cracking of the workpiece coating to reduce energy consumption. . The average processing time of a single furnace is shortened to about 3 hours, and the average diesel consumption per furnace of the 10 cubic meters of thermal clean environmental protection furnace is reduced to about 35 kg.

2. Safe and reliable: The imported microcomputer is used to automatically monitor and control the entire processing process to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. With a sharp controller, the smoke and furnace temperature are controlled within the set range, and the automatic water booster system ensures normal operation with low water pressure.

3. Durable and durable: The main control components and burners are all imported components, which are stable and reliable, and the thermal insulation materials (special refractory materials) can be used for a long time.

4. Green environmental protection: The waste gas generated in the treatment process is decomposed at high temperature for more than two times, and the gas discharged into the atmosphere is a harmless substance, which meets the national environmental protection standards.

5. Simple operation: It adopts microcomputer control and has functions such as temperature display, parameter setting, alarm information, maintenance prompt, etc. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain.



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