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How to use Gas Burn off Oven

How to Use burn off oven 

Heating cleaning oven, commonly knows as burn-off ovens. Your fixtures are waiting to be heated to remove the heavy coatings. But the problem is, you arent totally sure how to operate the burn off oven. It can be a little daunting with all its gauges and displays, not to mention what temperature the chamber will reach to. Have no fear about it, we will clarify the guide to be clear, you just follow the guide.

Step 1: Connect the electricity,gas and water

Ensure that the oven is connected to the power of 220V,50Hz. If your power is not 220V/50Hz, please use a transformer to convert into 220V,50Hz. Use a cable from your main power to connect to the electricity box, be sure to connect “L” and “N” wire.

Use DN25 gas pipe to connect to the oven’s gas pipe. Observe the gas flow and pressure. Sufficient gas flow ensures the gas pressure at a high level. The oven requires the gas pressure should range from 7Kpa to 9Kpa when the burner doesn’t work. The oven requires the gas pressure should keep from 4Kap to 5Kpa when the burner works. If the pressure of inlet gas is over 10Kpa, it needs a gas pressure regulator to adjust the pressure to meet the normal value.

Use tap water to connect to the oven’s water pipe. Observe the water pressure to be at 0.2Mpa to 0.4Mpa. There is a hand valve in the water box, which should be off when the oven works. When the oven happens the urgent situation, like large amount of smoke, fire or temperature exceeds 500 degree. Open the hand valve to cool the temperature down quickly.

Step 2: Test water spray and start the oven without any loading

When turn on the breaker, the PLC panel is on. Press “water spray test”on the screen and observe whether PLC No.4 light is on and the third relay light is on in the control box. The four nozzles in the chamber will spray water for 10 seconds. Set the parameter according to the user’s manual. Press “Start” on the screen, the screen will show the image of fire. It means that the system will start the two burners. Observe the burner’s ignition situation. The screen is showing the temperature change all the time.

Step 3: Load the cart

Ensure that the cart is loaded well and ready to go into the burn off oven. Put the inner cart in the external trolley and place the external trolley in the front of the burn off oven connecting the rails on the bottom to the oven rails. Pull the trolley out from inside the burn off oven. Inspect all sides of the cart and fixtures to ensure that nothing will damage the interior of the oven when pushing it in.

Step 4: Start up oven.

Keep both doors wide open.

Water valve will be turned on.

Check the water pressure gauge in the water box. 0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa

Check the gas pressure gauge in the pipeline.Around 4Kpa-5Kpa.

Start up oven.

Close both doors and latch and lock it.

Step 5: Stop oven.

When the first cycle is finished, the oven will stop automatically. When the chamber temperature is below 300 degree, it’s time to open the door to cool down naturally.

Take out the cart.

Clean out the oven’s floor.

Shut off the power.

Turn off the water.

Turn off the gas. 



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